DIY: Spike Your Top!


In recent times, I’ve been so in the mood to DIY my own outfits as I simply felt that it is fun actually to lock myself at home and spend some time with myself, just for myself! At the same time, I have bunch of DIY ideas to show you girls and has made me to think of it, why not now?

Fotor0921235514 Like every other of my DIY projects, it is cheap and easy to be made! Studded tops are consider in the current trend lately as I’ve  been seeing it in lots of shops. However, for some reason they are quite over priced. So, this time around I’m going to teach you on how to spike up your top! If you find trouble searching for spikes/Studs, try to look at H&M store. They sell all kinds of DIY stuffs at a very reasonable price.

knitted top
six screw on metal spikes
some spike studs
screw driver
and hairy arms… No I’m totally kidding.

Fotor0921223311First things first, plan out where your spikes will go before you start and then, make a small marking where you want the first spike to place at. Using the scissors, make a cut that is slightly smaller than the backing of the screw.

Fotor0921225752Fit the backing of the screw through the hole that you’ve just made.

 Fotor0921230150Then, screw the spike on and tighten it with the screwdriver. Make sure it is tighten well so the spike wont fall.

Fotor0921230759Repeat the same steps with the balance of the spike screws.

Fotor0921231235As the shoulders part are done, I’ve decided  to accessorize the collar area of the neck as well. As always, plan where do you want to place those spikes first. These type of spikes are easier to deal with as you only need to fold the four steels at behind of it.

Voila, pretty easy huh? Fotor0921232720Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Good luck!


Once Upon A Time…

coco-chanel-photo-douglas-kirkland“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” – Coco Chanel

Well, this post is a dedication for Coco Chanel to celebrate the 100 years of anniversary of the first Chanel boutique in Deauville. You will always be remembered, fashion legendary.


Keira Takes On Fashion’s Greatest Role: Coco Chanel

Keira Knightley. Who doesn’t know her? The figure who we’ve watched her growing up on screen.  She has technically played everyone from Star Wars’s decoy queen to a footballer, from a pirate to a bounty hunter.

Now, Keira Knightley has carry on her career steps with fashion. After becoming the celebrity face of Chanel’s perfume Coco Mademoiselle for almost seven years, Keira is now be ‘thralled’ herself exudes timeless style as Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Bonheur Chanel in new teaser trailer for Karl Lagerfeld’s short film, Once Upon A Time.

According to Lagerfeld, it’s been 100 years since Coco Chanel first opened her boutique in Deauville so he felt why not commemorate this anniversary with a short film.

Set in 1913, the first shot in the short teaser shows a French actress Clotilde Hesme, who plays as Coco’s friend and aunt Adrienne, carrying a large hatbox around the store, with the words Gabrielle Chanel printed on the front.

Lagerfeld describes his cinematic vision for ‘Once Upon A Time’ as ‘invented reality’. Looks like we need to wait until May 8 to find out exactly what he actually means. The film will be shown the day before the brand’s cruise collection debuts at Loewen Cluster in Singapore.

keira 2keira 3keira 1keira 4

1. Modest starters: Keira and Clotilde Hesme, who plays as her friend Adrienne, stare out of the window of her first boutique in the trailer.
2. Keira then spots a very fashionable woman who was walking past by the boutique.
3. The fashionable woman has becomes fascinated by Keira.
4. ‘Invented Reality’: Lagerfeld, director of the film, admits that it is homage to Coco Chanel, rather than a biopic of her life.

DIY: Top With Safety Pin

It was a very boring and long day today. So I decided to pull of some unwanted clothes from my wardrobe and turn it into something rather more interesting.DSC_0274 copyTake a look on this plain, dull and boring knitwear top which I don’t even know when and why I bought it! Definitely will be on my guest list for a make over! So what I’ve planned to come out with this top is basically very simple and something that look similar to this:

DSC_0291(Well this one is an example actually. I simply placed the safety pins just so you get the idea)

The stuff that you’ll be need for this DIY is:DSC_0286 copyYes believe it anyway, a pack of  gold safety pins is the only supplies that you’ll be need. About 75 pins should be enough.

DSC_0293 copyDirections: Plan ahead. You’ll want to base the size of your letter on how many pins come in your pack. Using your pins, make a vague outline of where you want the top and bottom points of your letter to be. This will help to guide you and ensure that the personalized logo is centered. As you continue, keep checking to make sure you don’t push the pin all the way through the back of the top. This might have us made the mistake once or twice. Remember to only use about half of the pins to complete the first ‘layer’ of your letter

DSC_0297 copyWhen the first step is done, it will look something similar to this. As for the final step, use the rest of the safety pins that been reserved to complete filling in empty space. This will help to keep your letter look more neat and organize.

And guess what? It’s done!DSC_0311edit copyeditAs simple as that! I suggest you to pair the top with something else so it’ll look even more funkier. Tutu skirt might helps! So, have fun trying! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and not to forget, HAPPY BOXING DAY!

Friendly Reminder

Just so you know, even if the subject I’ve taken for this current semester which requires me to up date 5 posts within two weeks’ time has finally meets it’s end, therefore, I am so not going to quit on blogging. There, PERIOD!

bettie loveBlah blah!

Bruised Looking Eyes

Whether it’s a yay or nay, I’m predicting that  the ‘bruised looking eyes’ will be the next hottest fashion trending.


We have heard about black smokey eye, brown smokey eye but what you probably haven’t heard is a red smokey eye makeup. Red seems to have made the biggest impact. I know it may sound a bit unusual but after all this is what differences us from each other, trying new things that will make you unique. Here’s a tutorial video on how to work red eye shadow with those eyes.

So, is red shadow something you would consider trying?

Video source: Topshop Podcasts

The Nineties, Remixed

The nineties enjoyed a revival on the Spring runways, with designers drawing inspiration from two of the decade’s major fashion moments: the dawning era of the super-glam supermodel and the Seattle grunge scene.

On the glam side of the equation were the designers who channelled that iconic Peter Lindbergh shot of Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, et al., vamping around in leather jackets, motorcycle caps, miniskirts, and biker boots. Dean and Dan Caten directly referenced the image with their typically over-the-top line-up for DSquared². And you could see traces of those “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day” times at Balmain, where Olivier Rousteing brought back bold-shouldered power suits and super size hoop earrings worthy of the Fly Girls. On the grunge side of the divide, Phillip Lim mashed up flannels, lace, and shredded khaki, and models stomped down the runway wearing stringy, Kurt Cobain wigs at Theyskens’ Theory. Grunge officially became a trend in Paris when Dries Van Noten elevated the look with plaids cut from featherweight organzas and mousse lines.

004m009m005m015m017m1. Dsquared² combined quilted leather, biker caps, and gold chains.
2. Music was the message, at Acne.
3. Ornate gold embellishment, at Fausto Puglisi.
4. Theyskens’ Theory’s stringy Kurt Cobain wig.
5. Grunge, remixed, at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Text source: style

My New Friend, Quin

DSC_0201 copyeditedittOn me: Topshop cropped top, Vintage dress (worn under), Cotton On tights, H&M cotton boots, Bershka headscarf
On Quin: Topshop tube dress, Zara skirt

Guess what? My mom just bought me a new toy, a mannequin! Gosh, I’ve been wanting it since a very long time ago and finally had myself one! One of the reasons why I didn’t manage to obtain it since then is because most of the mannequin’s price is crazily not reasonable. Interesting is, this mannequin only cost you for RM80.00 (25 USD). You can get yourself one at Jalan Kenanga, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it’s really worth it!

Forever 21 Does It Like Jagger

jagger1Mick Jagger, man from  Dartford, Kent, England. What you need to know about him is that he is the poster boy for rock ‘n’ roll. His glorious revival has been since the year of 1960s. He is one of the world’s fashion icon and has always been telling that rise to fashion fame wasn’t easy. His signature look is by pairing himself with super skinny jeans, ossie clark jumpsuit and T-shirts so tight you’d swear they were painted on. He even put on some make-up as well as earing.

Jagger’s signature look has been even more phenomenal even since the American Rock band, Maroon 5 had released a song entitled ‘Moves like Jagger’. Everyone wants to dress like Jagger, even the girls did. Chic. Quirky. Edgy. These three words pretty much sum up Forever 21’s Fall collection, all a part of their ‘Fall Movement’ campaign. Filled with a combination of rocker, sporty, and feminine pieces, the ‘Fall Movement’ defines fashion and function, with styles that can be worn every which way.

forever-21-fall-movement-06_0 copyforever-21-fall-movement-02_2 copyforever-21-fall-movement-09_0 copyforever-21-fall-movement-05_0 copyforever-21-fall-movement-13_0 copyforever-21-fall-movement-11_0 copyKick up the edge of a spiked leather jacket by pairing it with metallic liquid leggings and neon studded bracelet’s, or down-play the rocker look by pairing the jacket with an embellished peter pan collar top and a polka dot skirt. Leather sleeved letterman jackets and baseball caps covered in spikes adds a playful, sporty twist to an everyday ensemble, while hounds tooth peplum tops and leather skirts are a flirty touch to a ladylike look.

Here’s a video teaser by the angels  of Victoria’s Secret during the last year fashion show doing the Jagger’s moves. Just purpose of sharing. By the way, booked yourself on December 4th as you don’t want to miss the 2012 Victoria’s Fashion Show!

Text source: examiner.com
Video source: bigwhitestudio

Bring back the 80’s

I have always been a huge fan of Wildfox. It’s young, fresh and vibrant. Another thing that I like about Wildfox is that they love to modernize the ancient fashion to even better. Check out this video. This time around they bring back the great fashion of the 80’s. Enjoy!

Video source: Wildfox Couture


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